input sections difference "ax" vs "axG" ?

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Sep 1 17:20:05 GMT 2020

On Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 9:11 AM Akhilesh Chirlancha
<> wrote:
> Why the same ARM gcc creating 2 different types of input sections? (.gnu.linkonce.t "ax") and (.group "axG")
> I have 2 ARM toolchain releases. one toolchain is generating the input sections with ".gnu.linkonce.t" prefix('ax') and another toolchain is with ".group" sections('axG').
> And the toolchain with the .gnu.linkonce.t is throwing an error sometimes ""defined in discarded section" and "undefined reference"".
> I do not have any clue why it's choosing 2 different types of input sections even if there are no changes in the toolchain sources.
> What could be the reason behind this? If there is somewhere better for me to be looking, I would appreciate a pointer.

.gnu.linkince and .group are two different ways of addressing the same
problem.  The .group approach is newer and can handle more cases.  So
a newer toolchain should expect to use .group.  The choice between
them will depend not just on the compiler, but also on whether the
assembler and linker support the .group option.

You say that you have two toolchain releases, so your question as to
exactly why it changed might be better addressed to whoever created
those releases.

Hope this helps.


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