GCC 8.3.0 and Ada's foreign_exception

Kacvinsky, Tom Tom.Kacvinsky@vector.com
Wed May 20 23:36:18 GMT 2020


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> Subject: GCC 8.3.0 and Ada's foreign_exception
> We have a mixed C++/Ada development environment.  One of our C++ files
> throws an exception that is not caught in C++, but is caught in Ada.  The Ada
> exception type is foreign_exception.  That is fine, we don't have the
> necessary stuff set up so that Ada  knows how to handle a C++ exception (I
> did see there is a way of doing that by getting RTTI information).
> What is really puzzling is that on different platforms, we get different exit
> codes when Ada exits because of the exception.  On some platforms it is 0,
> on others it is non-zero.  Any ideas as to why this happens?  I would like to
> think that Ada would exit with a consistent exit code between platforms.  I
> can understand a difference between Windows and Linux, as Windows exit
> codes are (at least to me) weird.  But we are seeing differences in 32-bit
> Linux executables and 64-bit Linux executables.
> Any pointers are appreciated.

One of my more adept colleagues pointed out I am in error.  We are getting
consistent return codes.  I just have to refactor some code that takes into
account the foreign_exception we get and how our program exits.

Sorry for the noise.

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