Show insn-preds.c instead of during debug

Maxim Blinov
Mon May 18 15:30:01 GMT 2020

Hi everyone,

I am currently in the process of debugging some RTL-emitting code.
Specifically, I'm implementing an md template to get picked up by
emit_conditional_cmov. Now that is all fine and dandy, however during
debug I eventually single-step to the following function:

insn_operand_matches (enum insn_code icode, unsigned int opno, rtx operand)
  return (!insn_data[(int) icode].operand[opno].predicate
          || (insn_data[(int) icode].operand[opno].predicate
              (operand, insn_data[(int) icode].operand[opno].mode)));

When we make the call into the predicate, GDB switches the view into
the corresponding machine description file. This is really not what I
want - I just want to step through the honest-to-god C code in the
generated insn-preds.c file.

Is there a switch one can give to GDB to stop being "too clever"?


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