Keil, Jochen
Mon May 11 13:57:48 GMT 2020

Hi Jonathan,

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> On Mon, 11 May 2020 at 11:58, Keil, Jochen via Gcc-help
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> > Dear all,
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> > In our team we are employing GCC for embedded products which require
> statically linked binaries. Our own code is proprietary, hence we would like to
> make use of the GPL-3.0+ Runtime Exception. We do not modify the GCC nor
> use Plugins to modify intermediate code, therefore I think we are allowed to
> link our object code statically with libgcc without releasing our proprietary
> source code.
> >
> > However, upon closer inspection of the GCC sources I found that the files
> in the `libcc1` and `libcpp` folders do only carry the licensing terms of GPL-
> 3.0+ without any mention of the Runtime Exception. Is it still valid to use
> those libraries with statically linked proprietary code?
> As Florian said, you should ask your lawyers for legal advice. Are you
> even linking to libcc1 and libcpp though? If you're not linking to
> them, their license doesn't affect your code.

I just read Richard Sandiford's mail which helps to further clarify the question. Thank you to all who replied and helped me in this regard!

I would also like to apologize that I forgot to add a proper subject. That's usually not the case, but this one slipped.

Thank you again and best wishes,


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