mingw-w64 and __attribute__((format(printf))) issue

Liu Hao lh_mouse@126.com
Sun May 10 09:03:44 GMT 2020

在 2020/5/10 12:27, JonY via Gcc-help 写道:
> I think option #3 is the simplest approach in the short term, though I
> prefer option #2.

This patch has been accepted by MSYS2 [1], tested for bootstrapping on
both i686 and x86_64.

So here comes a 4th option: Disable `-Werror` if `--disable-werror` is
specified to the top-level configure.

EGREP'ing for `(format|__format__)\s*\(\s*(__printf__|printf)` in GCC
source reveals ~30 matches (excluding testsuites). Probably they should
all be fixed similarly, or we ignore such warnings for simplicity.
libgomp doesn't build despite `--disable-werror` at top level, which
seems a bug in this case.


Best regards,

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