Building a compiler that honors symbolic links.

L A Walsh
Thu May 7 21:03:07 GMT 2020

Try mounting your target onto a "make" directory using the bind feature in

On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 1:44 AM xaxazak xak via Gcc-help <> wrote:

> When I manually build GCC (via SVN trunk) or LLVM (via GIT trunk) I
> use a symbolic link (/make/) to my development folder as part of the
> destination path.
> Both GCC and LLVM extract the “physical” target location of this
> symlink, so their default include paths etc use the physical location,
> which starts with (/media/<HOME>/<HDD>/...) instead of just
> (/make/...).
> This is annoying for a few reasons:
> 1. I’m capturing the header information (via -H), and I want to avoid
> having <HOME> and <HDD> included in this list.
> 2. <HDD> can change.
> I can choose to not use the default include paths (eg -nostdinc++
> etc), and just explicitly set them when I invoke clang, but that makes
> build setup a lot more complex.
> Is there any way I can build GCC (and LLVM / clang if you know) so
> that it remembers my symlinks instead of expanding them?
> (NOTE: Also asked for LLVM, here:
> Thanks,
> Simon.

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