[Mingw-w64-public] Profile guided optimizations aren't working with absolute paths that start with drive letters

Liu Hao lh_mouse@126.com
Wed Mar 18 13:31:01 GMT 2020

在 2020/3/18 2:54, Keith Wipf 写道:
> Um. I'm not completely sure what to put here because the subject says
> most of the important stuff.
> Anyway, I'm on windows and compiling using the -fprofile-generate=prof
> option. GCC seems to like to create a directory tree inside the prof
> directory, and it starts by creating a directory called C:. Windows
> doesn't seem to allow colons in a file or directory name, so it
> doesn't work. Some simple logic to remove the colon from the folder
> name to create should fix it hopefully.
> Thanks!

It looks like this is a GCC issue.

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