Fw: problem with gdb debugger applied to gfortran 77 program

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Subject: problem with gdb debugger applied to gfortran 77 program


I have a Fortran 77 program for DSST orbit propagation with 283 modular Fortran subroutines, 50 include modules, and approximately 25,000 lines of code.

The include modules are composed of structure, record, and common statements.

These include modules are used to standardize the common block variable names throughout the program.  The common statements only occur in the include modules.

This program was first built in 1984 and very significantly modified in 1997.

Currently we are compiling with Gfortran.

We now need to modify this program and to use the gdb interactive debugger.  However gdb debugger does not seem to give visibility of variables defined in the structures and records.?

Can you make a suggestion or point me to a person who knows about this issue?

Will the new gdb debugger version 9.1 help?


Paul Cefola

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