OpenACC parallelization

Thomas Schwinge
Wed Apr 15 11:34:41 GMT 2020


On 2020-04-14T09:40:06+0100, Lewis Braley via Gcc-help <> wrote:
> I have been trying to use OpenACC to allow for cpu-based loop
> parallelization in GCC, however I cannot seem to get it working in either C
> or C++.>

Thanks for your interest!

> The PGI C++ compiler will successfully compile and run parallel
> code.
> This stack overflow post has more details:

I answered on there, <>:

| It's not yet supported in GCC to use OpenACC to schedule parallel loops onto multicore CPUs. Using OpenMP works for that, of course, and you can have code with mixed OpenACC (for GPU offloading, as already present in your code) and OpenMP directives (for CPU parallelization, not yet present in your code), so that the respective mechanism will be used depending on whether compiling with `-fopenacc` vs. `-fopenmp`.
| Like PGI are doing, it certainly can be supported in GCC; we'll certainly be able to implement that, but it has not yet been scheduled, has not yet been funded for GCC.

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