CFG generation from C/C++ and JAVA

charfi asma via gcc-help
Wed Jun 26 15:33:00 GMT 2019

I am interested in generating the CFG from several gcc front ends. All works fine for GCC and G++, and we are also interrested in JAVA.
we have seen that GCJ is no longer maintained/distributed by GCCHowever, we do not like to compile input java code into assembly or binary code, we would like just to analyze (with our tools) the CFG produced from each front ends including the gcj front end.
we downloaded the gcc 6.5.0 that contains gcj but when trying to call "gcj -v" we got this error : "libgcj.spec : Nosuch file or directory."
Any idea ? we really need to evaluate the java front end even in a previous version of GCC (just to dump the Generic, gimple and cfg intermediate representations)
Thank you very much !

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