gccgo - illegal instruction on ia64

Manner Róbert rmanni@gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 16:15:00 GMT 2019

On 1/29/19 3:30 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 2:11 AM Manner Róbert <rmanni@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am having some issues with gccgo on ia64 (Itanium architecture).
>> I have compiled gcc (8.2.0) with only configure options:
>> --enable-languages=c,c++,go
>> (Also tried adding --with-libffi, but did not change the behaviour.)
>> The resulting gccgo seems to compile a hello world successfully and the
>> program seems to run fine:
>>> gccgo -o hello hello.go
>>> ./hello
>> Hello
>> However, the "go" binary which gets created, seems to have problems. In sum:
>> - for "go build" I get SIGILL
>> - for "go --help" I get "fatal error: libgo built without FFI does not
>> support reflect.Call or runtime.SetFinalizer"
>> No matter what I try, somehow libffi does not get used. Doing the same
>> compile on amd64 works fine.
>> I am less worried about having no reflection support than the SIGILL
>> which seems to suggest gccgo might not produce good binary for ia64.
>> Have you seen similar / do you have any idea? Is anyone using ia64
>> successfully? Can it be a problem if the kernel(and its headers) I am
>> compiling on is quite old?
>> All produced binaries (go, lib*so*) are ia64 at least according to the
>> "file" utility.
>> Example backtrace of a go build:
>>> CGO_ENABLED=0 GOTRACEBACK=system go build -a
>> SIGILL: illegal instruction
>> PC=2305843009225255986 m=2 sigcode=128
> What is the instruction at that PC?  Is it valid?  The backtrace
> suggests that the problem is occurring in C code, which is of course
> not compiled with gccgo as such.  It may be from the C library, or it
> may be compiled with gcc.

According to gdb disassembly it is "mov.i ar.pfs=r36". Its inside
function "runtime.mcall" in libgo.so

I will try to verify if that is true with some disassembler tomorrow,
but I am not yet sure how to do that. Do you? Anyways, I will read about

I have attached the disassembly gdb produces at the SIGILL. The
instruction set on that machine is itanium2 (mckinley) and it gets
detected correctly, at least as long as I can tell. I will also try to
force itanium1 tomorrow and also try with an older version of gcc.

> To get libffi support you will need to add support for
> FFI_GO_CLOSURES, which means writing the functions ffi_prep_go_closure
> and ffi_call_go.  On most platforms this is not too hard; you
> basically have to pass the closure argument to ffi_call_go in the
> static chain register.  I'm not familiar with how ia64 handles the
> static chain, though.

I will have a look at it, at least try, though not sure if I am capable :(
Thanks for your quick response!


> Ian

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Dump of assembler code for function runtime.mcall:
   0x2000000000b06900 <+0>:	[MMI]       flushrs;;
   0x2000000000b06901 <+1>:	            nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06902 <+2>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06910 <+16>:	[MMB]       alloc r36=ar.pfs,8,6,0
   0x2000000000b06911 <+17>:	            adds r16=-392,r12
   0x2000000000b06912 <+18>:	            nop.b 0x0
   0x2000000000b06920 <+32>:	[MMI]       adds r17=-384,r12
   0x2000000000b06921 <+33>:	            adds r12=-448,r12
   0x2000000000b06922 <+34>:	            mov r19=b1;;
   0x2000000000b06930 <+48>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06931 <+49>:	            mov.m r18=ar.unat
   0x2000000000b06932 <+50>:	            mov r20=b2
   0x2000000000b06940 <+64>:	[MMI]       adds r2=32,r12
   0x2000000000b06941 <+65>:	            addl r38=34768,r1
   0x2000000000b06942 <+66>:	            mov r39=r0;;
   0x2000000000b06950 <+80>:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06951 <+81>:	            mov r21=b3
   0x2000000000b06952 <+82>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06960 <+96>:	[MMI]       ld8 r38=[r38];;
   0x2000000000b06961 <+97>:	            nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06962 <+98>:	            mov r22=b4;;
   0x2000000000b06970 <+112>:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06971 <+113>:	            mov r23=b5;;
   0x2000000000b06972 <+114>:	            mov r37=pr;;
   0x2000000000b06980 <+128>:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06981 <+129>:	            mov r35=b0
   0x2000000000b06982 <+130>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06990 <+144>:	[MMI]       st8 [r16]=r18,16
   0x2000000000b06991 <+145>:	            st8.spill [r17]=r1,16
   0x2000000000b06992 <+146>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b069a0 <+160>:	[MMI]       st8.spill [r16]=r4,16
   0x2000000000b069a1 <+161>:	            st8.spill [r17]=r5,16
   0x2000000000b069a2 <+162>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b069b0 <+176>:	[MMI]       st8.spill [r16]=r6,16
   0x2000000000b069b1 <+177>:	            st8.spill [r17]=r7,16
   0x2000000000b069b2 <+178>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b069c0 <+192>:	[MMI]       st8 [r16]=r19,16
   0x2000000000b069c1 <+193>:	            st8 [r17]=r20,16
   0x2000000000b069c2 <+194>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b069d0 <+208>:	[MMI]       st8 [r16]=r21,16
   0x2000000000b069d1 <+209>:	            st8 [r17]=r22,16
   0x2000000000b069d2 <+210>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b069e0 <+224>:	[MMI]       st8 [r16]=r23,24
   0x2000000000b069e1 <+225>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f2,32
   0x2000000000b069e2 <+226>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b069f0 <+240>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f3,32
   0x2000000000b069f1 <+241>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f4,32
   0x2000000000b069f2 <+242>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a00 <+256>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f5,32
   0x2000000000b06a01 <+257>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f16,32
   0x2000000000b06a02 <+258>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a10 <+272>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f17,32
   0x2000000000b06a11 <+273>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f18,32
   0x2000000000b06a12 <+274>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a20 <+288>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f19,32
   0x2000000000b06a21 <+289>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f20,32
   0x2000000000b06a22 <+290>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a30 <+304>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f21,32
   0x2000000000b06a31 <+305>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f22,32
   0x2000000000b06a32 <+306>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a40 <+320>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f23,32
   0x2000000000b06a41 <+321>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f24,32
   0x2000000000b06a42 <+322>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a50 <+336>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f25,32
   0x2000000000b06a51 <+337>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f26,32
   0x2000000000b06a52 <+338>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a60 <+352>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f27,32
   0x2000000000b06a61 <+353>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f28,32
   0x2000000000b06a62 <+354>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a70 <+368>:	[MMI]       stf.spill [r16]=f29,32
   0x2000000000b06a71 <+369>:	            stf.spill [r17]=f30
   0x2000000000b06a72 <+370>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06a80 <+384>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06a81 <+385>:	            stf.spill [r16]=f31
   0x2000000000b06a82 <+386>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06a90 <+400>:	[MMB]       st8 [r2]=r32
   0x2000000000b06a91 <+401>:	            nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06a92 <+402>:	            br.call.sptk.many b0=0x2000000000ad99c0;;
   0x2000000000b06aa0 <+416>:	[MII]       mov r2=r8
   0x2000000000b06aa1 <+417>:	            adds r1=64,r12;;
   0x2000000000b06aa2 <+418>:	            addl r8=0,r2
   0x2000000000b06ab0 <+432>:	[MMI]       ld8 r1=[r1];;
   0x2000000000b06ab1 <+433>:	            ld8 r38=[r8]
   0x2000000000b06ab2 <+434>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06ac0 <+448>:	[MMI]       adds r14=16,r38;;
   0x2000000000b06ac1 <+449>:	            ld8 r14=[r14]
   0x2000000000b06ac2 <+450>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06ad0 <+464>:	[MMI]       ld8 r14=[r14];;
   0x2000000000b06ad1 <+465>:	            cmp.eq p7,p6=r14,r38
   0x2000000000b06ad2 <+466>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06ae0 <+480>:	[MLX]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06ae1 <+481>:	      (p07) movl r38=0xffffffffff8895a0;;
   0x2000000000b06af0 <+496>:	[MIB] (p07) add r38=r1,r38
   0x2000000000b06af1 <+497>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06af2 <+498>:	      (p07) br.call.spnt.many b0=0x2000000000aec640;;
   0x2000000000b06b00 <+512>:	[MMI]       adds r17=16,r12
   0x2000000000b06b01 <+513>:	            adds r16=288,r38
   0x2000000000b06b02 <+514>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b10 <+528>:	[MMI]       adds r15=304,r38
   0x2000000000b06b11 <+529>:	            adds r14=3000,r38
   0x2000000000b06b12 <+530>:	            adds r38=3031,r38;;
   0x2000000000b06b20 <+544>:	[MMI]       st8 [r16]=r17
   0x2000000000b06b21 <+545>:	            nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b22 <+546>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06b30 <+560>:	[MII]       mov.m r16=ar.bsp
   0x2000000000b06b31 <+561>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b32 <+562>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b40 <+576>:	[MMI]       and r38=-16,r38
   0x2000000000b06b41 <+577>:	            st1 [r14]=r0
   0x2000000000b06b42 <+578>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06b50 <+592>:	[MIB]       st8 [r15]=r16
   0x2000000000b06b51 <+593>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b52 <+594>:	            br.call.sptk.many b0=0x2000000000ae1aa0;;
   0x2000000000b06b60 <+608>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b61 <+609>:	            adds r1=64,r12
   0x2000000000b06b62 <+610>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06b70 <+624>:	[MIB]       ld8 r1=[r1]
   0x2000000000b06b71 <+625>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b72 <+626>:	            br.call.sptk.many b0=0x2000000000afb740;;
   0x2000000000b06b80 <+640>:	[MMI]       adds r14=3008,r8
   0x2000000000b06b81 <+641>:	            adds r15=16,r8
   0x2000000000b06b82 <+642>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06b90 <+656>:	[MMI]       adds r1=64,r12
   0x2000000000b06b91 <+657>:	            mov r33=r8
   0x2000000000b06b92 <+658>:	            mov r38=r8;;
   0x2000000000b06ba0 <+672>:	[MMI]       ld8 r14=[r14]
   0x2000000000b06ba1 <+673>:	            ld8 r1=[r1]
   0x2000000000b06ba2 <+674>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06bb0 <+688>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06bb1 <+689>:	            cmp.eq p6,p7=0,r14
   0x2000000000b06bb2 <+690>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06bc0 <+704>:	[MMB]       ld8 r34=[r15]
   0x2000000000b06bc1 <+705>:	            nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06bc2 <+706>:	      (p06) br.cond.dpnt.few 0x2000000000b06c00 <runtime.mcall+768>;;
   0x2000000000b06bd0 <+720>:	[MIB]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06bd1 <+721>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06bd2 <+722>:	            br.call.sptk.many b0=0x2000000000af15a0;;
   0x2000000000b06be0 <+736>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06be1 <+737>:	            adds r1=64,r12
   0x2000000000b06be2 <+738>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06bf0 <+752>:	[MMI]       ld8 r1=[r1]
   0x2000000000b06bf1 <+753>:	            nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06bf2 <+754>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06c00 <+768>:	[MMI]       adds r14=3000,r33;;
   0x2000000000b06c01 <+769>:	            ld1 r14=[r14]
   0x2000000000b06c02 <+770>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06c10 <+784>:	[MIB]       cmp4.eq p7,p6=0,r14
   0x2000000000b06c11 <+785>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06c12 <+786>:	      (p07) br.cond.spnt.few 0x2000000000b06d60 <runtime.mcall+1120>;;
   0x2000000000b06c20 <+800>:	[MMI]       adds r24=56,r12
   0x2000000000b06c21 <+801>:	            adds r25=72,r12
   0x2000000000b06c22 <+802>:	            mov pr=r37,0xfffffffffffffffe;;
   0x2000000000b06c30 <+816>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06c31 <+817>:	            ld8 r26=[r24],24
=> 0x2000000000b06c32 <+818>:	            mov.i ar.pfs=r36
   0x2000000000b06c40 <+832>:	[MMI]       ld8.fill r4=[r25],16;;
   0x2000000000b06c41 <+833>:	            ld8.fill r5=[r24],16
   0x2000000000b06c42 <+834>:	            mov b0=r35
   0x2000000000b06c50 <+848>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06c51 <+849>:	            ld8.fill r6=[r25],16
   0x2000000000b06c52 <+850>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06c60 <+864>:	[MMI]       ld8.fill r7=[r24],16
   0x2000000000b06c61 <+865>:	            mov.m ar.unat=r26
   0x2000000000b06c62 <+866>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06c70 <+880>:	[MMI]       ld8 r27=[r25],16;;
   0x2000000000b06c71 <+881>:	            ld8 r28=[r24],16
   0x2000000000b06c72 <+882>:	            mov b1=r27
   0x2000000000b06c80 <+896>:	[MMI]       ld8 r29=[r25],16;;
   0x2000000000b06c81 <+897>:	            ld8 r30=[r24],16
   0x2000000000b06c82 <+898>:	            mov b2=r28
   0x2000000000b06c90 <+912>:	[MMI]       ld8 r31=[r25],24;;
   0x2000000000b06c91 <+913>:	            ldf.fill f2=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06c92 <+914>:	            mov b3=r29
   0x2000000000b06ca0 <+928>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06ca1 <+929>:	            ldf.fill f3=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06ca2 <+930>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06cb0 <+944>:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06cb1 <+945>:	            mov b4=r30;;
   0x2000000000b06cb2 <+946>:	            mov b5=r31;;
   0x2000000000b06cc0 <+960>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f4=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06cc1 <+961>:	            ldf.fill f5=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06cc2 <+962>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06cd0 <+976>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f16=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06cd1 <+977>:	            ldf.fill f17=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06cd2 <+978>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06ce0 <+992>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f18=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06ce1 <+993>:	            ldf.fill f19=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06ce2 <+994>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06cf0 <+1008>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f20=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06cf1 <+1009>:	            ldf.fill f21=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06cf2 <+1010>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06d00 <+1024>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f22=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06d01 <+1025>:	            ldf.fill f23=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06d02 <+1026>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06d10 <+1040>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f24=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06d11 <+1041>:	            ldf.fill f25=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06d12 <+1042>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06d20 <+1056>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f26=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06d21 <+1057>:	            ldf.fill f27=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06d22 <+1058>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06d30 <+1072>:	[MMI]       ldf.fill f28=[r24],32
   0x2000000000b06d31 <+1073>:	            ldf.fill f29=[r25],32
   0x2000000000b06d32 <+1074>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06d40 <+1088>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06d41 <+1089>:	            ldf.fill f30=[r24]
   0x2000000000b06d42 <+1090>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06d50 <+1104>:	[MMB]       ldf.fill f31=[r25]
   0x2000000000b06d51 <+1105>:	            adds r12=448,r12
   0x2000000000b06d52 <+1106>:	            br.ret.sptk.many b0;;
   0x2000000000b06d60 <+1120>:	[MMI]       ld8 r34=[r34]
   0x2000000000b06d61 <+1121>:	            adds r2=32,r12
   0x2000000000b06d62 <+1122>:	            addl r38=34768,r1
   0x2000000000b06d70 <+1136>:	[MMI]       mov r39=r0;;
   0x2000000000b06d71 <+1137>:	            adds r15=2984,r34
   0x2000000000b06d72 <+1138>:	            adds r14=40,r34
   0x2000000000b06d80 <+1152>:	[MMI]       ld8 r2=[r2]
   0x2000000000b06d81 <+1153>:	            ld8 r38=[r38]
   0x2000000000b06d82 <+1154>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06d90 <+1168>:	[MMI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06d91 <+1169>:	            st8 [r15]=r2
   0x2000000000b06d92 <+1170>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06da0 <+1184>:	[MMB]       st8 [r14]=r33
   0x2000000000b06da1 <+1185>:	            nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06da2 <+1186>:	            br.call.sptk.many b0=0x2000000000ad99c0;;
   0x2000000000b06db0 <+1200>:	[MMI]       mov r2=r8
   0x2000000000b06db1 <+1201>:	            adds r1=64,r12
   0x2000000000b06db2 <+1202>:	            adds r38=3031,r34;;
   0x2000000000b06dc0 <+1216>:	[MMI]       addl r8=0,r2
   0x2000000000b06dc1 <+1217>:	            ld8 r1=[r1]
   0x2000000000b06dc2 <+1218>:	            and r38=-16,r38;;
   0x2000000000b06dd0 <+1232>:	[MIB]       st8 [r8]=r34
   0x2000000000b06dd1 <+1233>:	            nop.i 0x0
   0x2000000000b06dd2 <+1234>:	            br.call.sptk.many b0=0x2000000000ad8920;;
   0x2000000000b06de0 <+1248>:	[MMI]       adds r1=64,r12;;
   0x2000000000b06de1 <+1249>:	            ld8 r1=[r1]
   0x2000000000b06de2 <+1250>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
   0x2000000000b06df0 <+1264>:	[MLX]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06df1 <+1265>:	            movl r38=0xffffffffff8895c8;;
   0x2000000000b06e00 <+1280>:	[MIB]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06e01 <+1281>:	            add r38=r1,r38
   0x2000000000b06e02 <+1282>:	            br.call.sptk.many b0=0x2000000000aec640;;
   0x2000000000b06e10 <+1296>:	[MFI]       nop.m 0x0
   0x2000000000b06e11 <+1297>:	            break.f 0x0
   0x2000000000b06e12 <+1298>:	            nop.i 0x0;;
End of assembler dump.
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