Help : MinGW GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) Ver. 8.2.0.

Jonathan Wakely
Mon Jan 14 20:23:00 GMT 2019

On Mon, 14 Jan 2019 at 17:47, bteddy1 <> wrote:
> I need the locations of the standard libraries and headers for gcc and g++.
> I am asking because they are not known and I need to tell the compiler and
> linker where to look.

Then something is wrong with your GCC build. GCC knows how to find
them automatically (as I already said).

> I don't need some one to diagnose any problems.

Well apparently you do. If GCC doesn't know where to find those files
then there's a problem. Telling it how to find them won't fix that

But apparently you know best.

> Just to let me know where are the
> standard libraries and headers for gcc.
> standard libraries and headers for g++.

I can tell you where they are on my computer, but that won't help you
because I don't know how you built and installed it (you *did* install
it, right? As in ran "make install"?)

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