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Eric Adams
Thu Jan 3 16:53:00 GMT 2019

Good Morning Edward,

Last week I emailed you an invitation to our Core Strengths: Results through Relationships one-day workshop in the Denver area on January 23rd.

Since things get hectic, I thought I'd follow up to see if you or your colleagues are interested in attending. You can click here to register. I have also included program details below my signature.

Our Core Strengths workshop is designed to create high performing teams, breakthrough conflict, and create a culture of collaboration. We'll focus on…

    Relationships—Create unstoppable momentum in your teams by developing effective communication that only comes from authentic connections
    Coaching Strengths & Overdone Strengths—Empower your team - stop coaching to weaknesses and start transforming from the positive intent of strengths
    Conflict—Build the skill of managing unproductive conflict and learn to harness and generate productive opposition

We have special pricing for teams. Do you have any questions or need additional information? Would you like me to hold any seats for you?

Thanks in advance,
Eric Adams
Core Strengths Consultant

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Effectiveness Workshop
Denver Area
Date & Time:
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm

Noah's Event Venue
11885 Bradburn Blvd
Westminster, CO 80031

General Tuition: $399
Evaluator Price: $299
Register Now
Deliver Results through Effective Collaboration

Every successful organization has the same thing in common — it is filled with teams led by managers who unleash collaboration between effective people. You’ve seen these rare teams: They figure out how to make “it” happen – regardless of what “it” is. They’ve mastered the secret of consistently producing high-quality results.

That's because their managers create a culture of collaboration, where each person delivers on commitments because the strength of their team is measured by healthy, productive relationships.
The Power of Effective Collaboration

Download the Solutions Overview to learn more about how our powerful, strengths-based training approach has equipped teams at IBM, Pfizer, and Boeing to develop a collaborative language and skillset in their teams driven by the integration of Core Strengths.
Core Strengths Workshop

Our workshop helps managers:

        Produce a proven, repeatable process to develop collaborative communication.
        Increase the ability to engage in productive opposition, conflict management, and better decision making.
        Understand how to take initiative to deploy the right strengths.

Our Clients Know

"After attending a Core Strengths workshop, I returned to work with a new perspective, new confidence and new game plan. I better understood what motivated my manager and used that knowledge to provide him what he needed, to communicate in his language. Working together became a positive experience with successful results — because I took the initiative to change my approach so he could hear what I was saying."- Elizabeth Carver, Global Organizational Effectiveness Manager, ExxonMobil
Need a Quick Overview?
video	Watch this short highlight overview, to learn more about the unique process of a Core Strengths workshop.
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