YACCQ : checking for the correct version of the gmp/mpfr/mpc libraries... no

Dennis Clarke dclarke@blastwave.org
Wed Feb 20 11:46:00 GMT 2019

On 2/20/19 5:29 AM, Andrew Haley wrote:
> On 2/18/19 7:09 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>> So the trick is to use the cross compiler tools in /opt/tools to build a
>> fully native compiler for the target machine.  To do that it seems clear
>> now that one must have *both* the HOST compiler tools and the TARGET
>> tools which are really the cross compiler and linker and assembler.
> This is called a Canadian Cross. There are many examples of these, and
> scripts and tools available to build them.

Canadian ?  Perfect.

> You'll need to configure --host=, --target=, and --build=.  It's a
> really good idea to build a fully-integrated source tree, with all of
> the binutils in the same source tree as gcc. This is called a "Cygnus
> tree" after Cygnus, which invented a lot of this stuff. (And,
> incidentally, where I used to work.)
> One question: do you have the root filesystem for your target machine?
> This means target headers and libraries. If you do that'll make things
> veru much easier.

I have a complete system root mounted at /riscv64/rootfs which has
everything ... except a compiler.

> http://crosstool-ng.github.io/ is a thing which is supposed to support
> Canadian crosses.

I'll look into that!


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