what does help?

Ali MURAT alimupas2@gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 19:05:00 GMT 2019

you must know that I did not ask about code problem to you!
The same code(did not change) is returning properly(correct) in the 
online compiler.

As well as, in online compilers without using gmp.h!

I want to know if the online compilers have a different setting.(they 
use gcc)

When I download mingw to pc from the official site and compile the code, 
it returns correct  up to 7.

I wrote to you because I thought(I guessed) it was relevant to Gnu.
I tested this code(in c++) and works correctly on linux.
however this code is not working correctly with gnu compiler on any 
windows operating systems.
c# version of this code works correctly until 29 number in windows os.

I send the images, later!

I did it that use mingw but it is same with all gcc version in mingw in 
also I get  it same error in visual studio 2017


this code is correct, returned true results in here(url)!

however, for 8 number it must be returned "Total: 9533440000"

however, for 9 number it must be returned "Toplam: 1052287461225"

help is help, whether direct or indirect.

that is a gnu library problem!

Now I'm sure I'm under network attack! In the whole city! and I'm 
taking(pulling) a different file from the internet!

when I  make changes a little in this code!
I get the following results!

Bir sayi giriniz: 8
(8+0^2) = 8
(7+1^2) = 8
(6+2^2) = 10
(5+3^2) = 14
(4+4^2) = 20
(3+5^2) = 28
(2+6^2) = 38
(1+7^2) = 50
Toplam: 943505408
hatalı it is error, incorrect
Bir sayi giriniz: 9

(9+0^2) = 9

(8+1^2) = 9
(7+2^2) = 11
(6+3^2) = 15
(5+4^2) = 21
(4+5^2) = 29
(3+6^2) = 39
(2+7^2) = 51
(1+8^2) = 65
Toplam: 20473705
Aynı kod online derleyicide düzgün dönüyor.

Online derleyiciler farklı  bir ayar yaptılar mı onu öğrenmek istiyorum.

insanlara kolaylık olsun diye

Hemde Online derleyiciler de gmp.h kullanmadan!

Resmi siteden mingw indirip code derlediğimde 7 sayına kadar sonucu 
doğru döndürüyor.

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