gfortran 7 compiler
Fri Mar 16 02:06:00 GMT 2018

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To: Jonathan Wakely
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>Yes, I did tried that link but I did not get the gfortran compiler for 
>windows, as I was getting earlier, e.g. in 2012 I have downloaded gfortran 
>windows compiler very easily, but now I couldn't find any.
>Also, I checked the other link but couldn't find the gfortran compiler for 

I get the mingw-w64 compilers from the list at:

These compilers include gfortran.

I've not tried the installer that's on offer there, but under the "MinGW-W64 
GCC-7.2.0" heading, you'll see 4 64-bit compilers (x86_64) offering a choice 
of posix/win32 threads x a choice of sjlj/seh exception handling, and 4 
32-bit compilers (i686) offering achoice of posix/win32 threads x a choice 
of sjlj/dwarf exception handling.
The ones with posix threads and without sjlj exception handling are, I 
believe, the most popular.

I have:

both of which are fine.


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