Build fail for 7.3.0 with in-tree binutils

Matt Godbolt
Thu Jan 25 15:54:00 GMT 2018

Hi there,

I've been building homegrown GCCs with in-tree binutils (2.29.1) for a long
while, with a pretty simple script. However, with the 7.3 release I'm

gcc/7.3.0/objdir/binutils/../../gcc-7.3.0/binutils/dwarf.c:976: undefined
reference to `get_DW_IDX_name'

Has anyone seen this before, and/or does anyone have an idea what I might
be doing wrong?

The script I use is here:

The same error occurs when I build GCC 5.5, but curiously does not happen
when I grab a trunk build from svn directly.

Thanks in advance!


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