Gcc on Blue Gene / Q

Kai Ruottu kai.ruottu@wippies.com
Sat Feb 24 23:24:00 GMT 2018

Let's try to put some sanity into this case...

Fatih Ertinaz wrote 22.2.2018 klo 0:33:

> Configuration flags:
> configure --prefix $INSTALLDIR --disable-bootstrap

The required "=" seems to be missing :(  From the 
'https://gcc.gnu.org/install/configure.html' :


    Specify the toplevel installation directory. This is the recommended
    way to install the tools into a directory other than the default.
    The toplevel installation directory defaults to /usr/local.

>                --with-headers=${SYSROOT}/sys-include \

What on earth is this "native place" for the headers in the native 
'powerpc64-bgq-linux' system?

>                --with-libs=${SYSROOT}/lib \
>                --with-bin=${SYSROOT}/bin \
>                --with-sbin=${SYSROOT}/sbin \

And these too?

A normal Linux system has its standard headers natively in 
'/usr/include' and its standard libraries
in '/lib' (shared runtime, 32-bit), '/lib64' (shared runtime, 64-bit), 
'/usr/lib' and '/usr/lib64' (development
and static libraries).  Using a ${SYSROOT} usually means crosscompiling 
for some other system than
the native one.  One puts the "alien" libraries there and points with 
'--with-sysroot=${SYSROOT}' to
them so the crosstools (linker and GCC) will find them there...

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