1 of 1,851 Trouble compiling aarch64 cross builds of gcc 5.4 and 7.2

Mason slash.tmp@free.fr
Tue Apr 24 12:34:00 GMT 2018

On 22/04/2018 04:37, Ignitus Boyone wrote:

> So, I guess I’m confused on exactly what gcc is doing when it builds
> for cross compilation.  So, my goal is simply to build a compiler I
> can run on my x86_64 box to build binaries for am armv8 processor in
> 64bit mode.  It seems I have wrongly assumed that GCC hosted all of
> the code it needed to boot strap and build itself. A tall task I
> realize. Now, I’m going to admit that I’m super confused by the
> package names for the debian and what started me on the crusade of
> building the two cross compilers Is that apt-get is telling me that
> the available package for gcc5.4-armhf conflicts with gcc-multilib
> and so instead of investigating that I just preferred to build my own
> compilers and install them in my home dir.
> I was using this guide
> http://preshing.com/20141119/how-to-build-a-gcc-cross-compiler/ and I
> know realize I skipped directly to step 3. Because, I was only
> looking for the correct configure flags for GCC.  So based on your
> feedback I might need to take a step back and just follow through
> steps 1 and 2. If that doesn’t work I’ll pull the packages you
> suggest and add standup a sysroot for the target.  I agree with your
> hammer analogy and I’ll gladly grab the foundational parts instead of
> building them myself.

If you wish, you can save yourself the trouble, and use Linaro's
pre-built toolchains:



Just download, unzip anywhere, and compile away.


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