Unable to load libgnat-4.4 in runtime

Didier Kryn kryn@in2p3.fr
Mon Nov 27 08:37:00 GMT 2017

Le 24/11/2017 à 21:04, Marco Bevi a écrit :
> Dear,
> I create an ADA dynamic library. I want to use it in a C context and load
> the library throught dlopen function, but is raised an error about
> libgnat-4.4.so that is no dlopen()ed.
> May i ask why that library, libgnat-4.4.so, is compiled with the option -z
> nodlopen? Is a bug?
> Thanks a lot,
> Marco Bevilacqua


     I have been lurking on the gcc-help mailing list for a few years 
and observed this list talks only of C and C++ languages and 

     I asked a question about Gnat (this was the reason why I took an 
account on this list) but I never got any answer. I think Gnat people do 
not read this list. In case you find a place where Gnat authors or 
experts answer your questions, would you be kind enough to tell me.


                         Didier Kryn

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