Need help debugging likely g++ preprocessor bug

Mike Gulick
Wed Nov 22 23:41:00 GMT 2017

First of all I hope this is the right mailing list.  I did not want to create
a bug report yet as I'm not sure of the cause of the issue and cannot create
a minimal reproduction test case.

I'm seeing an issue where g++ is throwing "linemarker ignored" warnings when
doing a two-stage compile (e.g. using -save-temps, or when compiling with
distcc or ccache).  I can reproduce this issue in GCC 7.2 and 6.3, but not in
For example:

 $ /usr/local/gcc-7.2/bin/g++-7.2 \
   -c variants/VariantConditionTable.cpp \
   -o variants/VariantConditionTable.o \
   -save-temps \
   -pthread -fPIC -std=c++14 -fvisibility=hidden -O0 -g -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199506L \
   -fno-omit-frame-pointer -Wall 
  In file included from ../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/value.hpp:9:0,
                   from ../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp:7,
                   from variants/VariantConditionTable.cpp:25:
  ../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/visitor.hpp:8:103: warning: file "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" linemarker ignored due to incorrect nesting
   # endif
  ../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/visitor.hpp:9:56: warning: file "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" linemarker ignored due to incorrect nesting
  ../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/visitor.hpp:10:44: warning: file "variants/VariantConditionTable.cpp" linemarker ignored due to incorrect nesting

Performing a single-stage compile works correctly.

This error seems to corrupt the line maps, as warnings will be attributed to the
wrong file/line number, and setting breakpoints based on function names in gdb
will set a breakpoint in a completely different source file and line number.
This makes debugging nearly impossible.

I have been unable to create a minimal use case with any less than 10 or 15
thousand includes (by counting the output of the -H switch), however the issue
is 100% repeatable in our source code.

I have found that I am able to eliminate the warning by modifying one or two 
of the include files.  These include files are a simple list of other #include's.

  #pragma once

  #include "a.hpp"
  #include "b.hpp"
  #include "c.hpp"
  #include "value.hpp"
  #include "visitor.hpp"

This file has a terminating newline, however I have found that by adding an
additional newline at the end of the file, the warnings disappear and the
generated line maps are correct.  Alternatively, adding this additional newline
immediately *before* the last line also seems to fix the issue, however adding
the newline earlier in the file does not.

The contents of "value.hpp" and "visitor.hpp" don't seem to matter.  I have 
commented out the entire contents of these two files save for the '#pragma once'.

Diffing the preprocessor output (the .ii file) from the version generating these
warnings to the version which does not, I get the following diff (I have removed
some whitespace in between the lines):

--- VariantConditionTable_bad.ii 2017-11-22 18:20:39.872201967 -0500
+++ VariantConditionTable.ii  2017-11-22 18:21:32.228549193 -0500
@@ -525631,74 +525631,73 @@
 # 25 "variants/VariantConditionTable.cpp" 2
 # 1 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" 1
 # 1 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" 1
 # 26 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp"
 # 1 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/value.hpp" 1
 # 1 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/../../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd/value.hpp" 1
 # 8 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/value.hpp" 2
 # 27 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" 2
-# 9 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/value.hpp"
 # 1 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/visitor.hpp" 1
 # 1 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/../../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd/visitor.hpp" 1
 # 8 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd/visitor.hpp" 2
-# 27 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" 2
+# 28 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/../../../../../src/cg_ir/export/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" 2
 # 8 "../../derived/glnxa64/src/include/cg_ir/fwd.hpp" 2
 # 26 "variants/VariantConditionTable.cpp" 2

An additional line marker for 'value.hpp' in being generated in the failing
case, which is corrupting the nesting of the include file stack in the processor

In my attempt to generate a minimal reproduction case, I started by going
through all of the includes and commenting out lines until the warning
disappeared.  I was eventually stopped when I reached a point where there were
several files where adding or deleting a newline *anywhere* in the file
eliminated the problem.

I have tried looking at this in gdb for quite a few days, but I haven't found
any definitive answers.  The one possible clue is that I have noticed that the
source_location numbers in use are close to LINE_MAP_MAX_LOCATION_WITH_COLS
(0x60000000).  E.g. I am seeing source locations in the debugger of 1610043911
(0x5FF75207).  In other examples, I am seeing source locations just over this

I would greatly appreciate suggestions for debugging this issue further.  I have
been looking at it for over a week and am hitting a bit of a wall.

Thanks in advance!


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