Get rid of Java .jcr section when not using Java

Marc Glisse
Wed Apr 26 08:31:00 GMT 2017

On Tue, 25 Apr 2017, Johannes Bauer wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> On 25.04.2017 21:22, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>> Doesn't the patch show what to change?  #undef JCR_SECTION_NAME in
>> libgcc/crtstuff.c (although it looks like the macro has been renamed
> Ah, that was the issue. I blindly #undefed the wrong define.
> True, with the correct #undef applied, it works!
> Curious, since the patch is from 2013 and was OKed for inclusion already
> -- do you happen to know the reason why it didn't make it? Is there any
> chance of getting this into vanilla gcc eventually? I can live with my
> patched gcc for now, but it doesn't seem like removing that appendix
> would hurt anyone, right?

I think this already disappeared when java was removed from gcc, no?

Marc Glisse

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