building GCC without documentation?

Toebs Douglass
Thu Apr 13 22:36:00 GMT 2017

Hej, all.

I've reconstructed my GCC library dependency information and now I'm
trying to build 4.5.4.

I've found that later version of GCC require texinfo, will fail without
it, but they work with recent versions of texinfo so that's fine - the
version I have from apt-get works.

I've found earlier versions of GCC fail with modern texinfo, but they
build fine with texinfo missing, so I've been using apt-get to
install/remove texinfo, as appropriate to the version of GCC I'm building.

However, with GCC 4.5.4, I think GMP (version 4.3.2) fails to build
without texinfo, and it fails to build with texinfo (because I have a
more modern version).

I've been looking for a way to build GCC without documentation.

I found some posts which added "MAKEINFO=missing" to the GCC configure,
but this has not worked.  I also tried manually messing with the
configure file for GMP, but that was a long shot (and I only tried it
since I had to do this already, to fix the GMP bug where if configure is
run from a python script, the check for flex fails.)

I've noticed there is an "all-gcc" make target for GCC, but I can't find
any documentation for this.

I'm wondering if there are other, undocumented, make targets (perhaps
"all-gcc"?) which will produce everything I need to compile and link,
but not documentation.

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