mpfr, gmp and mpc versions prior to 4.6.0 and download_prerequisites

Toebs Douglass
Thu Apr 13 15:24:00 GMT 2017

Hi, all.

I have two questions.

As you probably remember, I'm working to build all released versions of
GCC, starting with 4.1.2, on four different platforms (arm, aarch64,
mipsel, x86_64).

I am now working to find out which version of libmpfr, libgmp and libmpc
are needed for each version of GCC.

Prior to replies from my earlier questions to this list, I had assumed
the latest versions available at the time of a GCC release would be
used, but this is not the case; GCC only changes version where there's a
good reason to do so.

This means however I can no longer use release dates to know which
versions of the dependency libraries are used by any given version of GCC.

Starting with GC 4.6.0, there is a contrib script,
"download_prerequisites", which indictes the recommended version of
these libraries.  So for GCC 4.6.0 and later, I have the information I need.

For earlier versions though, things seem not so easy or clear.

What I see in general with GCC is that there is fact a *minimum* version
of these libraries, and a *recommended* version, which is normally only
a slightly higher version, but still, is different.

I want to use the recommended version.

I can by looking in the configure script go back to and including 4.5.0
and make a pretty solid guess at the recommended versions (you can see
the script treating minimum and recommended versions differently) - but
before that, the build system changes and again, it's not so clear.

Perhaps prior to that point there is only a minimum version, and no
recommended version?

So the first question is : does anyone have anything useful they could
tell me about finding out this information?  which is to say,
recommended dependency versions for GCC 4.4.7 and earlier, back to and
including 4.1.2.

Currently I'm looking at the build files, and I can make a guess, but I
can't really tell if I'm finding the *minimum* version rather than
*recommended* version.  So I can get *a* version - but it may not be the
version I'm looking for.

My second question has to do with Graphite loop optimizations.

These were folded into the main branch with version 4.8.0, I think it was.

Prior to this, back to version 4.5.0 (I think) they depended on libmpc,
and from 4.4.7 and further back (to when they were introduced - I don't
yet know when this was), they depended on libppl and cloog-ppl (and
libmpc was then not a dependency).

My second question is whether or not people have any idea if graphite
was typically compiled in (it's optional) prior to 4.8.0?  I get the
impression it could have been a bit buggy/experimental prior to that
point, and so was perhaps not normally used.

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