requirements for graphite & loop-block

Jonathan Wakely
Mon Apr 3 13:29:00 GMT 2017

On 3 April 2017 at 00:25, L A Walsh wrote:
> The loop-block optimization say it needs cloog + ppl for
> graphite -- but I saw an email from July 2012, Jonathan Wakely,
> that says the trunk was using isl, so ppl wasn't needed.
> Does that imply that 5 years later, what was in trunk might
> be in the mainstream releases?  I.e. what, besides
> cloog is needed, "today" for building the graphite optimizers,
> ppl or isl?

Just ISL, not cloog or ppl, as documented:

That's for trunk, for a specific release see the docs included in the
release sources. No currently supported release needs cloog or ppl.
GCC 4.9 needed isl and cloog.

> If isl, should the manpage text for loop-block saying
> that ppl is required be updated?

It already has been:

           Perform loop nest optimizations.  Same as
-floop-nest-optimize.  To use this code transformation, GCC has to be
configured with --with-isl to enable the Graphite loop transformation

If you look at the manpage for an old release then you'll see the
requirements for the old release.

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