gcc testsuite not marking stabs tests as unsupported

Tim Prince tprince818.tp@gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 15:28:00 GMT 2016

I note that a few of the tests in gcc testsuite are marked to show stabs
tests as unsupported:

pr35154.c:/* { dg-skip-if "No stabs" { mmix-*-* alpha*-*-* hppa*64*-*-*
 *-*-vxworks* } { "*" } { "" } } */
pr35154.c:/* { dg-skip-if "stabs only" { *-*-* } { "*" } { "-gstabs" } } */

Why are there hundreds of tests which aren't so marked and fail on
targets which lack stabs support?  Are we expected to edit out the
failure lines which include stabs before sending to gcc-testresults?

What about coff tests?

I've seen (in the distant past) recommendation to set -g3 -gdwarf-2 for
running certain profilers on Windows, but I don't think that is an
"official" recommendation.

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