ARMv8, GCC 4.9 and necessary code optimized away?

Andrew Haley
Wed Jun 1 07:32:00 GMT 2016

On 31/05/16 21:37, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
>> Like Florian said, 'w' is not being used so the compiler may optimise the
>> whole sequence away.
> I'm pretty sure this is another instance of a language defect. The
> C/C++ language does not allow us to properly express ourselves, and
> the result is the removal of critical code.

The problem here is that GCC knows that the CRC instructions have
no side effects beyond their operands.  So GCC doesn't generate
the instructions.

> This is at least the third or fourth time. The one prior to this
> resulted in CVE-2016-3995.

Of course GCC deletes dead code.  That's one of the most basic

In your case I'd just use the result as an input operand into an


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