what does -fno-pic do

lh mouse lh_mouse@126.com
Sun Jul 10 14:23:00 GMT 2016

This sounds like a RTFM question.


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发件人:Yubin Ruan <ablacktshirt@gmail.com>
发送日期:2016-07-10 22:15
主题:what does -fno-pic do

     I am reading some OS kernel codes, and I find that in the Makefile 
used to build the kernel, there is a **-fno-pic** flag. I totally don't 
understand what that mean. I try to find some description from the man 
pages but can find no direct description about that flag(same for the 
**-fpic** flags). All I can find is something like:

     For Darwin, only the -m64 option also turns off the -fno-pic and 
-mdynamic-no-pic options.

blah blah blah....

     I try to google it but it seems that people rarely discuss it on 
the Web.

     Does the **pic** in that flag represent Programmable Interrupt 
Controller that is used by the kernel the control interrupts to CPU ?
If it is, why no pic ? what does it really mean ?

     And, in addition, what would that flag influence the layout of the 
kernel image ?


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