Fwd: Building GCC 7.0 with gpu offloading

Kitchen, Ryan Scott kitchenr@oregonstate.edu
Wed Jul 20 21:45:00 GMT 2016

Hi Thomas,
I found your email about this problem online and figured I'd shoot you
a message to see if you had a solution for it or could point me in the
right direction.

I'm trying to build the gomp-4_5 tree to test the openACC support, and
I've gotten it to successfully build using the instructions at

but I keep running into some errors at compile time where PTX is
embedded in the assembly code.
The error messages I'm getting are the same as the ones another person
was getting and had mailed you about, so I was wondering if you knew
what the cause is

The errors I am getting are along the lines of :
/tmp/cc5ctTXY.s:3: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.target'
/tmp/cc5ctTXY.s:4: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.address_size'
/tmp/cc5ctTXY.s:9: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.entry'
/tmp/cc5ctTXY.s:12: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.entry'

I've tried building both by setting the prefix in ./configure to the
target directory and using the DESTDIR at install time, but keep
getting the same issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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