GCC 5.3.0: ASAN gives "unknown-crash" error

Markus Trippelsdorf markus@trippelsdorf.de
Mon Jan 11 08:35:00 GMT 2016

On 2016.01.10 at 22:45 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
> On Sun, 2016-01-10 at 22:04 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
> > ==7750==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: unknown-crash on address
> > 0x7f8522ce3850 
> >   at pc 0x0000008a3784 bp 0x7fff20876dd0 sp 0x7fff20876dc8
> >   WRITE of size 800008 at 0x7f8522ce3850 thread T0
> FWIW I just rebuilt my code with the system compiler that comes with my
> system (Ubuntu GNOME 15.10), "gcc (Ubuntu 5.2.1-22ubuntu2) 5.2.1
> 20151010" and I see identical behavior to this there as well.

It is hard to tell what is going on without seeing the code.  The first
thing you should try is to build your app and testsuite with
-fsanitize=undefined and see if anything pops up.

If not, then please try to reduce the issue further and open a


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