[Consult] tile: How to construct testsuite for tile architecture without hardware.

Chen Gang xili_gchen_5257@hotmail.com
Mon Oct 19 22:45:00 GMT 2015

On 10/20/15 02:26, Mike Stump wrote:
> On Oct 17, 2015, at 10:23 PM, Chen Gang <xili_gchen_5257@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> After fix one qemu issue about floating point insns, correct the related
>> environments (make some symbol links), and reconfig building options (so
>> support g++), the current gcc testsuite result are:
>>                === gcc Summary ===
>> # of expected passes            78156
> Nice.

Thanks. :-)

>> # of unexpected failures        98
>> Welcome any ideas, suggestions, and completions.
> So, if you would like to do more work, and don’t have any other plans, you could investigate the unexpected failures in the above, if you want.  I hesitate to say this, as the funnest work, is work that you want to do.  I would ask, what would you like to do next?  Other work, if you wanted to try your hand at something, would be to read through the PRs on the gcc web site, and find one that you’d like to fix and fix it.

At present, for me, I should continue analyzing the unexpected failures,
I have no any other choices: if I do not analyze tilegx gcc's issues, I
can not prove that these issues may be caused by qemu tilegx.

 - I am almost sure that, tilegx qemu still has issues which cause some
   of the unexpected failures (e.g. about tgkill in tilegx qemu).

 - I am almost sure that, the environments configuration still have
   issues (e.g. libstdc++ configuation, and gdb configuration).

 - tilegx binutils maybe have issues, too (ld sometimes prints issues).
   and tilegx gcc must have issues, I should try to fix them (so I can
   continue tilegx qemu, or I can not prove they are not qemu's issue).

And excuse me, could your provide more details about "PRs", I don't know
anythings about it.

For my own idea, next:

 - For qemu: implement qemu tilegx: implement all insns in user mode,
   then implement system mode (I guess, I shall almost spend 1 years for

 - For Linux kernel: learn mm (memory management), and make patches for
   it (maybe spend 1 years, more or less).

 - For gcc/binutils: just like what I have done: building every archs'
   gcc/binutils/libc, building Linux kernel, run under qemu, then let
   gcc pass testsuite. Fix all related issues which I will meet.

Welcome any ideas, suggestions, and completions.


Chen Gang (陈刚)

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