David Brown
Mon Nov 23 15:35:00 GMT 2015

On 23/11/15 13:45, htio2 wrote:
> but avr is setting its short and int to 8 bit ....

The AVR is an 8-bit cpu, but "int" on the AVR is 16-bit (as is "short").
 There is an option "-mint8" to make "int" and "short" 8-bit on the AVR,
but it is not supported by the libraries and I believe has been
deprecated in the compiler itself.

Even if the cpu you are porting to is 8-bit, keep short and int at
16-bit.  That is the minimum required for standard C, and no one will
thank you for making a non-standard C port.  Of course, you should make
heavy use of uint8_t and int8_t in library codes and any other support
code if it is an 8-bit target, but keep short and int standard.

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