Possible Bug in gcc5.2

Matthias Goldhoorn matthias.goldhoorn@dfki.de
Mon Nov 2 15:22:00 GMT 2015

i just want to ask if i found a bug in the gcc5.2 or not.

I have created a really simple test-setup which causes a crash of my
component before the execution of main().
The crash happens during dynamic lib loading time.

I have a Library A compiled without -std=c++11  and a executable B with
>From my understanding the newly introduced ABI compatibility should
prevent the linking if some ABI inconsistencies exist.
I using a fresh ubuntu15.10 in a VirtualBox.
The only thing that the lib does is include a boost header.

The minimal example which failed can be found here:


Testcase5 with clang works without any problem.

Is this the intended behavior of gcc of did i found a bug?

Matthias Goldhoorn

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