Problem build gcc 5.1 with openacc support for nvptx

Thu May 28 13:50:00 GMT 2015

To anyone interested:
I finally suceeded in having gcc 5.1 with openacc offload functionnal.

Beside official wiki web page, I found the following website usefull:

with the only modification found by a collegue of mine (thanks Alex)
I had to set env variable COMPILER_PATH to make sure that mkoffload is found by lto-wrapper
(just remove "/accel/<target>/" at the end of the path where mkoffload is).


De : KESTENER Pierre
Envoyé : vendredi 22 mai 2015 08:59
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Objet : Problem build gcc 5.1 with openacc support for nvptx


I'm following instructions from

I'm using the configure line for Nvidia ptx.

the build stops in configuring nvptx-none/libgfortran
with error:

checking whether symbol versioning is supported... configure: error: Link tests are not allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES.

My host OS is CentOS 6.5. I'm using gcc 4.7 (built with system gcc 4.4) to build gcc 5.1

Can someone give me hint to look where the problem could come from ?



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