How to use -nostdlib?

Ángel González
Fri May 15 21:31:00 GMT 2015

On 15/05/15 23:17, Martin Sebor wrote:
> On 05/15/2015 03:07 PM, Ángel González wrote:
>> I thought -nostlib disabled the printf(x"\n") to puts(x) optimization...
> The -ffreestanding or -fno-builtin (or -fno-builtin-printf)
> options will do that.
> -nostdlib is a link time option (see the manual for details).
> Martin

Of course! I took -nostdlib as if it was -ffreestanding (no libraries - 
free standing).
I looked at the man page, but didn't find a description for the option I 
was thinking of.

Thanks, Martin

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