Ángel González
Sat May 16 17:33:00 GMT 2015

On 16/05/15 18:40, Hotmail (ArbolOne) wrote:
> bool ps = !!PlaySoundW(Soundfile.c_str(), NULL, SND_ASYNC);
> if(ps == false) {
>        std::wcout << L"ps is false, it is  " << ps << endl;
> } else {
>        std::wcout << L"ps is not false, it is " << ps <<  endl;
> }
> output:
> ps is not false, it is 1
> The code above compiles with out any problem, but now sound is 
> produced. I have added –lwinmm to the Linker Settings –> Other Linker 
> Options in Code Blocks, is there anything else I should do?
> I am using MinGW64 MSYS2 on my Win8.1 box.
> Thanks
Probably, you are attempting to play a sound *named* with what's 
actually a filename (I'm assuming *SND_ALIAS is the default*). I think 
you should be pasing *SND_FILENAME to the third parameter.  And since 
you are requesting it to be played asynchronously, I wouldn't be 
surprised if it started played but stopped immediatly as your program 
closes. I would start by playing it synchronously, and only change to 
ASYNC after it's working.

  bool ps = PlaySoundW(Soundfile.c_str(), NULL, SND_SYNC | *SND_FILENAME*);

And as Jonathan pointed out, this is a question off-topic for this 
mailing list. You could try a microsoft windows coding resource instead.

In this case , just looking at the function documentation may have 
solved it, too

Best regards

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