Error Building GCC as PIE

Cyd Haselton
Mon Jun 22 11:26:00 GMT 2015

I've got the compiler on my tablet.  It's easier to kick off a build, set it aside and let it run than set up a build host from scratch.

If I have to, I can do just seem like a waste, given the fact that I have a working on-device compiler.

On June 22, 2015 4:45:43 AM CDT, Jeffrey Walton <> wrote:
>On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 5:36 AM, Cyd Haselton <>
>> At this point...after researching/working on this for most of the
>weekend i'm not sure if I should be cross-compiling or not.
>My question would be, why do you want to do this?
>The NDK provides the tools to perform the cross-compile on a host. So
>you don't really need it (or I don't think you need it).
>If you want to compile a program on a tablet or phone, then you would
>need the compiler that runs on the device. But that seems awful
>painful to me because desktops are so much faster with much more
>memory. Just compile on the host and use adb to push it to the
>Sorry about the bike shedding ( I'm not trying
>to tell you what to do. I'm just wondering why you want to do it since
>its non-trivial.

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