finding the data file

Hotmail (ArbolOne)
Thu Jun 18 20:15:00 GMT 2015

This question is exclusively for Win users.
OK, having said that, I have a desktop and a laptop. In the desktop I use 
MinGW64 and the GCC compier as well as CodeBlock, but on the laptop I use 
VS2015 and VC++. In my desktop I wrote a program that plays a sound file, 
the structure of the file directory is like so:
Program Files {parent directory}
ArbolOne ( folder )
|__ Sound ( folder )

In my application the code looks like this:

player->Play(L"D:\\Program Files\\ArbolOne\\Sound\\KimPossible.wav");

This works perfect on my desktop, but the directory tree in my laptop looks 
like this
Program File {parent directory}
ArbolOne ( folder )
|__ Sound ( folder )

You see the problem now, I need to some how create in my program a variable 
that points to ArbolOne, since in both machines have a Global System 
Variable called
which points to the location of the ArbolOne folder.
Does any one here know how to unravel this problem.


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