GCC OpenAcc executables problems

Esteban Hernández eshernan@gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 17:04:00 GMT 2015


I compile gcc 6  r231616,  for offloading and host,

When i compile a simple example with -fopenacc -foffload=nvptx-none

The compilation process finish o.k, but when i Run the code in a
machine with cuda device, obtain the following problem

libgomp: cuModuleLoadData error: device kernel image is invalid


i compile the same code with the pgiCompiler and the code running fine.

When i review  with cuobdump -ptx miCode.x  obtaint the following error

The file don't have a ptx code

Someone can help me please, ???


Esteban Hernandez B.
HPC specialist

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