arm gcc: info about branches on svn and git

Massimiliano Cialdi
Tue Dec 15 08:24:00 GMT 2015


where can I find informations about branches on both svn and git?

I mean, I am interested in build arm gcc, and my thoughts was

download last source tree (5.3). I think that git branch gcc-5-branch
and svn branch gcc-5-branch are the same, is that right?
configure for arm and build.

browsing through git and svn repositories I think I understand that
the actual repository is svn and git repository  is built with
git-svn, is that right?

browsing through svn repository I also found some ARM branches
This makes me more doubts arise.

How do these branches differ from the main ones?
For example suppose I build gcc1 from
svn:// and other
gcc2 from svn:// (or
If I compile an arm project using gcc1 and gcc2 suppose I build
out1.elf and out2.elf. What should I expect from both? They might
work? Is it more likely that out2.elf doesn't work?
Are the patches applied to arm branches ported to main branches?

best regards

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Massimiliano Cialdi

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