Foating point: tracking change in between gcc 4.4.7 and gcc 4.9.2

Mathieu Malaterre
Thu Dec 10 11:08:00 GMT 2015


I am trying to track a change in behavior in between gcc 4.4.7
(CentOS/x86_64) and gcc 4.9.2 (fedora/x86_64). The result of a complex
computation (floating point involved) is slightly different in between
those two.

Does anyone knows if there was a major change in floating point
computation of std::log, std::pow, std::ceil, std::sqrt or std::exp in
between those versions? My input is a raw binary (no ASCII parsing
involved anywhere in the code). I've compiled code in debug on both
side (only option -g is used nothing else).

Sorry if this is very broad, I need pointer to get started.


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