parameter type of -frandom-seed

Stephan Gatzka
Thu Aug 27 18:16:00 GMT 2015

> The option argument is processed in the set_random_seed function in
> toplev.c. The function takes a string argument and calls strtoul on
> it to obtain the numeric random seed (strtoul is called with the base
> argument of zero letting it detect it from the prefix). When strtoul
> fails, set_random_seed calls crc32_string with the string argument.
> So the function is capable of processing both numeric and string
> arguments.

Thanks for diving into the sources.

> I suppose the question is whether GCC should should be
> changed back to accept string arguments as originally implemented,
> or whether it should stay as is and the option specification changed
> to match the documentation.

Well, I would stay with the implementation and allow strings. So
reverting the docs back to string would be fine.



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