Use of constraints when mapping C variables to ASM symbolic names?

Jeffrey Walton
Fri Aug 21 20:11:00 GMT 2015

>> > Write plain assembler if you want that.  You'll have to deal with ABIs
>> > and all that, but you say you don't mind, so okay :-)
>> Thanks Segher. How does one write plain assembler? (Its a real
>> question; I've only seen the Extended ASM for [multi-line] inline
>> assembly).
> You make a bla.s or bla.S file containing assembler code.  You can
> run "gcc -c" on that, just like on e.g. a bla.c file.
Oh, gotcha. Thanks.

We can't do that at the moment because things are predicated an an
inline assembler. But I want to move to it soon because of Apple,
limitations on the downlevel GAS, and some incumbent problems with the
Clang integrated assembler.

Thanks again.


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