Help! Elderly fortran user.

Richard Conn Henry
Thu Aug 27 13:15:00 GMT 2015

re:  fortran

I find your web pages for getting fortan extremely confusing 
unfortunately  (vast arrays of geeky stuff that I don't understand).

I would greatly appreciate your kind help re fortran!

I am 75, and I first used fortran (in those days, FORTRAN) at the 
University of Toronto in, yes, 1958.  Toronto had ONE computer then and 
bless Professor MacRae he had us use it with an assembly language, and 
then with fortran when it appeared for the first time.

I've been using fortran ever since and I program in it really well!

I've been using Intel fortran, but I'd like to use gcc free fortan.

I have a MacBook Pro, which is now quite old.  I expect soon to buy a 
new MacBook Pro Retina.  And after its next update, I expect also to get 
an iMac for my office.

I do have Terminal and I run my current Intel fortran on it.  But I 
don't do this kind of stuff:  svn co 
svn:// gcc

for fun I just tried copy/paste on my MacBook; here's what I got:
Last login: Thu Aug 27 08:38:51 on console
dhcp-128-220-143-212:~ dickhenry$ svn co 
svn:// gcc
svn: URL 'svn://' doesn't exist
dhcp-128-220-143-212:~ dickhenry$

(copied and pasted from your site).  Of course if you just gave me a 
copy-&-paste series of commands, I could manage that!  But see my 
attempt above!

How lovely would it be if there were just an app that I could 
double-click and install gcc-fortran on my Mac!


I'll also bet that there would be a huge market of young people who 
could be brought into fortran if it could be provided simply.

That's my story!  Any help you can provide will be DEEPLY appreciated!

Dick Henry

Academy Professor Richard Conn Henry
Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy
& Director, Maryland Space Grant Consortium
& Member, Principal Professional Staff,
Applied Physics Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University
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