Help with gathering information on compiler-generated temporary variables

Michele Co
Fri Jan 3 18:07:00 GMT 2014

I am new to developing in gcc, so I am seeking help on gcc-help.  If 
this message belongs on a different list, please advise.
I am working with the gcc 4.4.3 source tree and am looking for a way to 
gather for later use (in human readable format) any information on 
compiler-generated temporaries (variables or values held in registers, 
locations, offsets, sizes).

I have perused the available gcc documentation and searched the gcc-help 
and gcc mailing list archives but have not found any threads related to 
this topic.

My original approach has been to modify one of gcc's debugger output 
modules (dbxout) to output new STABS entries, but I have been having 
difficulty keeping track of the compiler-generated temporaries through 
the various compiler passes.  I seem to lose track of them after the 
GIMPLE pass, possibly due to my lack of understanding of how the 
information flows to the various tree representations.

Any advice or pointers to helpful documentation/forums is welcome.


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