Best Gcc for IA64?

Seima Rao
Tue Apr 29 05:46:00 GMT 2014

>On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 12:24 AM, Seima Rao <> wrote:
>>     I want to try out the full IA64 contribution to gcc.
>>     Please advise as to which gcc is sufficient?
>>     p.s. I am specifically looking for sw pipelining,
>>            global instr sched, interprocedural reg alloc,
>>           "the full VLIW works", etc.

>I'm not sure what you are asking, as there is only one GCC.  You will
>probably do better to use the latest release, which is 4.9.0.


I have already built the "latest cross gcc (i.e 4.1.1) that is available through


Unfortunately, 4.1.1 offers very little Ia64 goodies.

In such a case , 4.9.0 is definitely ideal.

However, the last time I ventured out of croostool-ng land

into beyond 4.1.1 gccs, i ran into lots of trouble.

Therefore, I was hoping for help from tried hands all over the ia64 community.

The information I need are the following:

gcc-version for all latest (ia64) optimizations

Seima Rao.

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