Can't build Go support in gcc-4.8.1 on OpenBSD

Sat Sep 28 07:21:00 GMT 2013


I successfully build gcc-4.8.1 with c,c++,fortran support on OpenBSD
pre-5.4 using patches from ports, but I can't build with Go support.
Also I successfully build gcc-4.6.x with c,c++,fortran,go support.
The problem is that OpenBSD has no ucontext.h header.

Error message:
In file included from ../../../../unpack/gcc-4.8.1/libgo/runtime/go-main.c:17:0:
../../../../unpack/gcc-4.8.1/libgo/runtime/runtime.h:18:22: fatal
error: ucontext.h: No such file or directory
 #include <ucontext.h>
compilation terminated.

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