gcc 4.8++ neglect my terminfo

phi gcc phi.gcc@gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 06:45:00 GMT 2013

Hi All,

With the apparition of colorification of gcc diag message, it sounds
like the color are hard coded to who knows terminals.

I Know that I can use option/env to remove color, yet when non
prepared for it, it crash my terminal ( that is not vt100 or whatever
xterm is).

My TERM var is properly setup up though.

Is that expected behavior?

I know that colorisation is a rampant disease with ls, grep etc, with
default color barely readable imposing painfull customisation time at
monent you would like to spend your time to other duties :)

Would'nt be possible to have color only if some ENV are already set,
i.e gcc could detect in the env that the user is a *COLOR* officionado
and colorify then, insteand of imposing regression in both terminal
non xterm, and regression on diag parser that discover with horror
this new escape sequence in the output :)

Any advise appreciated :)


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