vijay nag
Mon Nov 25 05:53:00 GMT 2013

Hello Gcc,

Compilation of production build(-O2 optimization turned on) of my
project is taking a very long time and on further analysis I found
that most of the compile time is eaten up by "var-tracking assignment"
gcc pass.  I see significant improvements in build time If I use
"-fno-var-tracking" and also I don't intend to debug production build.
However it is important that we be able to do post-mortem analysis of
core file on production build. I tried loading a sample core-file in
gdb and could see gdb complaining "optimized out" for couple of stack
variables. So the question is, does "-fno-var-tracking" have any
impact on post-mortem analysis of core file or does it just disable
run time debugging capabilities ?

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