lto-wrapper failure in GCC 4.8.0

Matt Godbolt
Tue Mar 26 04:21:00 GMT 2013

Hi all,

I'm having issues with a self-built GCC4.8.0 (compiled with in-tree
binutils).  I have previously compiled and used a GCC4.7.2 with LTO
(again with in-tree binutils), so I thought I had a working setup :)
The error I see is of the form:

lto1: fatal error: LTO_tags out of range: Range is 0 to 365, value is 37398

(depending on the exact compilation the "value is XX" can be any large
number, but is out of range of the 365)

I initially thought it was due to linking against other LTO'd
libraries built with GCC4.7.2, but I believe I've removed all of those
now.  I can give large amounts of extra information, but before I
flood the list, does anyone have any thoughts on what I might be doing
wrong or how I might diagnose further the issue?

Thanks in advance, Matt

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